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20 Collectibles in Your Parent's House That Could Be Worth Money

While we often regard old items hidden away in our parent’s attics or basements as mere keepsakes or junk, some of these objects may actually hold significant monetary value.

Ranging from vintage furniture and antique toys to old records and first-edition books, these household items, overlooked and undervalued, could be potential hidden treasures. This piece explores 20 items in your parent’s house that could be worth much money today. Keep your eyes peeled—you might just uncover a gem!

Antique Furniture

Vintage furniture holds an enduring appeal. Collectors can highly seek pieces from renowned designers or specific historical periods. Craftsmanship, unique design, and historical significance often contribute to their substantial value. Currently, mid-century modern furniture is popular.

Vinyl Records

Rio Vinyl Album Cover, Duran Duran, 1982
Rio Vinyl Album Cover, Duran Duran, 1982

Vinyl records hold a special place in the music world, cherished as timeless artifacts of audio history. For many music enthusiasts and collectors, rare or first-edition vinyl records are not just objects but treasured pieces of art and culture. These records often feature iconic artists, groundbreaking albums, or unique historical significance.

The appeal of vinyl goes beyond just the music; it’s about the tactile experience, the analog warmth of the sound, and the visual artistry of album covers. Collectors may search far and wide for specific editions or pressings, and the rarity of certain records can command high prices in the collector’s market. Whether it’s a vintage jazz album, a classic rock masterpiece, or an early 1980s release, vinyl records are a tangible connection to the musical past, and the passion for collecting and preserving them continues to thrive in the digital age.


Old coins are more than currency; they’re pieces of history. Those made from precious metals like gold or silver, or with historical significance such as commemorative or rare coins often hold greater worth than their face value.

Comic Books

The value of vintage comic books typically increases with age, rarity, and overall condition. First appearances, major story arcs, and milestone issues often command the highest prices in the collector’s market. Factors like well-preserved covers, minimal wear and tear, and the presence of original inserts or promotional materials can further enhance a comic’s value.

In many cases, collectors go to great lengths to ensure the preservation of their valuable vintage comics. They may use acid-free bags and boards to protect the comics from environmental factors that could lead to deterioration. Additionally, storing these comics in a climate-controlled environment, such as a dedicated comic book room or living room, can help maintain their condition over time.


Antique and vintage jewelry is special in the world of collectibles and adornments, appreciated for their aesthetic beauty and historical and cultural significance. These exquisite items, including watches, rings, necklaces, and more, often command significant value due to several key factors. Craftsmanship, representing the skill and artistry of bygone eras, is a hallmark of antique and vintage jewelry. Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, these pieces showcase the mastery of jewelry makers from different periods.

For collectors and enthusiasts of antique and vintage jewelry, these pieces can play a pivotal role in interior design. Incorporating them into the decor of a living room or other living spaces can add a touch of timeless elegance and historical charm. For example, an antique jewelry box displayed on a coffee table or a vintage framed mirror adorned with ornate metalwork can serve as functional and decorative elements in interior design.


Original paintings, sculptures, or prints by renowned artists are aesthetic treasures and wise investments. The provenance, the artist’s reputation, and the artwork’s historical significance all play pivotal roles in determining their value.

Vintage Toys

Childhood nostalgia plays a profound role in driving the demand for vintage toys from past decades. Collectible items like action figures, dolls, and board games evoke cherished memories of youth and simpler times, making them highly sought-after by enthusiasts of all ages. These vintage toys hold sentimental value and historical and cultural significance, serving as tangible artifacts of bygone eras. They provide a window into their time’s pop culture, trends, and societal values.

In many cases, collectors proudly display their vintage toys in their homes, turning their living rooms into showcases of nostalgia and creativity. Vintage action figures, die-cast cars, and other collectible toys can be meticulously arranged on shelves, in glass cabinets, or even in the living room’s decor. These carefully curated displays pay homage to the cherished toys of yesteryears and add a playful and nostalgic element to the living room’s interior design. It’s not uncommon to see vintage toy-themed artwork, posters, or even custom-designed furniture pieces that complement the overall ambiance of the living room.

Old Books

Rare or first-edition books, particularly when found in good condition, can be valuable to book enthusiasts and collectors. Literary classics or books with historical importance tend to fetch higher prices.

Silverware and Flatware

Antique or silver-plated flatware sets, often cherished family heirlooms, can have significant worth due to their craftsmanship and the materials’ value.


Philatelists prize rare or vintage postage stamps from different eras and countries, which is considered a unique art design. Unique designs, printing errors, or stamps from historical periods contribute to their desirability.

China and Porcelain

Fine china and porcelain dinnerware sets are highly coveted collectibles cherished for their exquisite beauty and masterful craftsmanship. These sets, often bearing the hallmark of renowned brands or featuring distinctive and elegant patterns, hold enduring appeal for collectors and connoisseurs.

The allure of fine china lies in its delicate and intricate designs, the quality of the porcelain, and the meticulous artistry involved in its creation. Collectors are drawn to these pieces’ historical and cultural significance, as they often represent a blend of art, craftsmanship, and tradition.

Vintage Electronics

Tech enthusiasts and history buffs prize antique radios, typewriters, and early computers for their profound historical significance in the world of technology. These vintage devices are not just functional artifacts but tangible relics of innovation, representing pivotal moments in the evolution of communication and computation.

Antique radios in the living room remind us of the early days of broadcasting, while typewriters symbolize the transition from handwritten communication to mechanical typing. Early computers, often large and cumbersome by today’s standards, mark the dawn of the digital age. Collectors value these items for their historical import and the craftsmanship and engineering that went into their design and construction. Owning and preserving these technological antiques provides a tangible connection to the past and an appreciation for the relentless march of progress in the tech world.

Musical Instruments

Vintage guitars, pianos, and other musical instruments, especially those crafted by renowned makers or associated with famous musicians, can command high prices among musicians and collectors.

Sports Memorabilia

Autographed sports memorabilia, vintage sports trading cards, and collectible items associated with iconic athletes or historic sporting events can be valuable to avid sports fans and collectors.

Old Cameras

Vintage cameras, especially those with historical significance or unique features, are household items cherished by photography enthusiasts and collectors who appreciate their craftsmanship and design.

Costume Jewelry

Vintage costume jewelry is household items that are often adorned with unique designs or featuring unusual materials, appealing to fashion aficionados and collectors who value these pieces as expressions of style and creativity.

Retro Clothing

Vintage clothing and accessories from past eras, including designer pieces, hold a special place in the hearts of fashion collectors. These garments’ quality, rarity, and iconic styles contribute to their value.

Rugs and Carpets

Antique or handwoven rugs and carpets are works of art that grace homes with their beauty and craftsmanship. Collectors appreciate their intricate designs and historical significance, often driving up their worth.

Vintage Luggage

Antique Louis Vuitton Steamer Trunk Luggage
Antique Louis Vuitton Steamer Trunk Luggage

Collectible luggage pieces from luxury brands evoke the glamour of travel’s golden age. Collectors and travelers value these pieces for their craftsmanship and as symbols of exploration and adventure.

Classic Cars

It could be a valuable asset if your parents have an old car in the garage, especially a well-maintained classic or vintage model. Classic cars, often cherished by automotive enthusiasts, can significantly appreciate value over time, making them sought-after collectibles.

Before selling any items, it’s advisable to research their value, consider getting appraisals from experts, and explore the best avenues for selling, such as auction houses, collectors’ forums, or online marketplaces. Some items may also benefit from professional restoration to maximize their worth.

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