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The Valentine's Day Craze about Stanley Thermos Tumbler Trend

1913 U.S. Patent for Stanley Heat Insulated Receptacle Thermos
1913 U.S. Patent for Stanley "Heat Insulated Receptacle" Thermos

About 112 years ago, William Stanley, Jr. invented the all-steel vacuum bottle ("HEAT INSULATED RECEPTACLE") originally designed for MEN.

Stanley thermos is popular because they are designed to keep beverages hot or cold for up to 24 hours, using superior vacuum insulation and durable stainless steel. They also have a leak-resistant lid that can be used as a cup, and a collapsible handle for easy carrying. Stanley thermoses have a long history of being used by adventurers, workers, and travelers since 1913. The tumblers or "cups" are also customizable, with different sizes, colors, and styles to suit various preferences. The Stanley tumbler is not just a product, but symbols of quality, reliability, and adventure; and thanks to creative marketing collaborations, bloggers, influencers -- the "gotta-have-it" craze of 2024 began. Why? WOMEN. Because no one wants to be left out. Right?

We’re celebrating "Stanley" milestone Valentine's Day tumbler in style with an original vintage 1920s "Super Vac" black thermos bottle that you can buy here!

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