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The Second Indictment of President Donald J. Trump Collectible Art Coin # 2


Official Ex-President Trump Indictment Art Coin # 2 Historic Moments Series, The Second Criminal Indictment, trials and defenses of disgraced former President Donald J Trump. This Historic Moments Collector Coin Series Number 2 is an original by Anthony Giannini.


A First Moment In American Presidential History Epilogue Coin Number 2

* Apolitical * Unbiased *


Our Newest Narrative Great Moments in Presidential History in Narrative Coin Art Epilogue Coin #2 in the Series of the Administration of Ex-President Donald J. Trump is a Continuation of Historic Moments Original & Unique Global Coin Collection that Chronicles Pivotal Moments in American Presidential & Political History.


Brief: Donald Trump, the first United States President in history to face criminal charges, has been indicted for a second time on seven federal criminal charges in the special counsel's classified documents probe.


Epilogue Coin #2 "The Second Indictment of President Donald J. Trump"


Limited to 7500


Edge Numbered Coins Each coin will have the following features:


*Limited Edition

*Edge Numbering

*Certificate of Authenticity with Edition Number

*Velvet Presentation Case Includes Outer Two-Piece Box with Gold Presidential Seal

Official Ex-President Trump Criminal Indictment Collector Art Coin # 2

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